As a psychologist with over 25 years qualified experience, it is often helpful for others to gain a little insight into the opinions of those who had prior experience working with me; in their words.

One should work with clients, and with the professionals and families who support clients on a daily basis.

As a psychologist with over 25 years qualified experience, it is often helpful for others to gain a little insight into the opinions of those who had prior experience working with me; in their words.

One should work with clients, and with the professionals and families who support clients on a daily basis.

Barrister: Court of Appeal, criminal division
“You will be pleased to hear that Mr X’s appeal was allowed. His conviction quashed. I don’t think the judgement will be reported, but the court cited your report. It was more than useful and resulted in the court concluding that the client cannot be held responsible if council goes off on a tangent without noticing.”

I have worked with Mr Rogers in some very difficult and complex cases. He has proven to be flexible and attentive to client’s needs. He has on various occasions, for client consultations, attended our offices, prison and also went to the clients address when necessary.

In one notable case with the client was charged with rape, Mr Rogers was the first to raise issues as to the client’s fitness to plead and in the end the client received an absolute discharge.

I would recommend Mr Rogers very strongly and I can say that he is one of the best specialists I have worked with. He has dealt with some of the most difficult clients who have always been grateful for Mr Rogers’ input. I have always received only positive feedback not only from the clients who benefited by his expertise but also from all the professionals involved in the cases.

Senior teacher
I have known Mr Rogers personally and professionally for 12 years. He is a person who has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and integrity in all aspects of both is working and personal life. He possesses a strong commitment to his students and their development and brings to any job required, thoroughness and positive attitude second to none.

Borough Council solicitor
I am extremely grateful for your thorough response. I will raise what you state with the parties involved and revert if we are able to agree engagement of your services. Notwithstanding, I shall definitely be circulating your details to my colleagues in the field should they require such specialism upon any of their cases.

(In making an enquiry I pointed out a number of issues that were immediately obvious and that would impact on the case. The above is the response, and I was subsequently appointed to assist the court.)

Parent: PH: Case
“We had been trying to access our daughter/step daughter who was living with her mother, but dad wanted to see her as well. The problem had been present for 7 years and no-one else had found a solution. This was proving very difficult for all sorts of reasons, including the mother taking the child to Australia. Graham was literally our last resort. The results were nothing short of spectacular. He turned out case full circle. Graham is one of those rare people, qualified and specialist in all key areas of psychology, it’s like getting four experts in one person. Even the judge herself was blown away and acknowledged Graham for his skill and expertise. He found a long-term solution we could all stick to. If you are looking for a psychologist who will make real and lasting progress, there literally isn’t anyone else that comes close.”

Firstly, I want to thank you for the amazing job you have done for Mr X. One of my friends is working with a tricky case with a sex offender who has already pleaded guilty…. I told them that they should have contacted you before but I guess better late than never…. I have sent your details to my colleague…. I believe he really needs your expertise.

Despite having to battle with all the sceptics, now everyone is praising your report on X, client, head of practice, counsel, all of them!
(This was the result/linked to the referral above)

In respect of a report: we are delighted with the content and found it straightforward to read and understand. Many thanks.

It appears having received feedback from clients, they have always found Mr Rogers extremely approachable, and bearing in mind the various learning disabilities, very easy to communicate with. It is for this reason that we frequently instruct Mr Rogers in particular in relation to criminal proceedings.

We have always found that following assessment at our office/prisons, we receive immediate feedback following the appointments and promptly receive full detailed reports. The reports received have always been very thorough and written in accordance with the issues we have requested Mr Rogers to deal with. Mr Rogers has also provides those with additional information to assist with the court process, for what is often a very difficult and stressful situation clients

Senior Social Worker
“I first met Graham when I was a field social worker and we worked in the same area of town. During this early working relationship we had a number of shared cases, all of them difficult, several of them involving the court. I found him to be conscientious, cooperative and concerned about the children whose lives were the subject of the most intrusive interventions. Later we ran a parent management group together. Many of the parents were angry and bewildered by others perceptions of their children’s problems. Graham was able to defuse anger with tact, humour and sensitivity. In my work with Graham I always found him to be a supportive colleague who cared deeply about his work with children and their families.”

A huge thank you, for all your hard work on X’s case; It is no secret that we could not have achieved the result we did and in the way in which we did without you.

Head teacher
As a school I would like to say that Mr Rogers has always served us very well. He has put the child’s best interests first at all times and has produced many ideas and strategies to assist us to enable the child to fulfil his potential.

He liaised well with my SENCO and class teachers. He was certainly the most thorough educational psychologist I have experienced in many years. He was genuinely interested in the plight of difficult youngsters and would investigate all avenues in order to help their needs.

Dear Mr Rogers, thank you for your report, the contents of which are extremely helpful.

Primary school
His dedication and loyalty was obvious to those who worked with him. He certainly always performed, throughout the six years we have dealt with him, as a caring professional, who took his work seriously and endeavoured to provide the schools he served with a full and loyal service.

He always proved to be an informative, sensitive, knowledgeable and professional adviser in his field. He gave clear and appropriate advice, for the staff and the parents. He always made himself available for advice and meetings, sometimes outside his normal working hours.

Head teacher
“His relationship with pupils was excellent as he had a relaxed manner that instantly defused their fear or sometimes hostility. He used gentle humour to excellent effect to gain their trust, with pupils frequently asking when he was coming back to see them again. His relationship with parents was similarly very productive. Graham has the knack of not ‘talking down’ to sometimes difficult, inarticulate or even illiterate parents. He puts them at their ease and speaks in a clear, reassuring manner.”

Parent: AN: A son; severe autism and challenging behaviour
“I own my sanity to Mr Rogers as I was going crazy. One day I had to go to hospital when my son attacked me. Mr Rogers helped me deal with this. He has been the kindest and most honest person I have come across since I came to this country 20 years ago. Mr Rogers has a gentle sense of humour, is patient and will always listen and take the time needed to help. I no longer need to take pills for my depression and although my life may never be easy, I can now begin to enjoy my life.”